Walk your dog safely with an LED collar

Walk your dog safely with an LED collar

Pets are part of our family. The best way to keep you (yes, it’s good for you, too) and your dog active and healthy is walking everyday.

Photo by Gillian Vann

We live in a concrete jungle, most people don’t have time to walk their dog during the day, only at night. Walking in the dark is very dangerous without any reflective equipment.

This can be easily solved by wearing some Hi-Vis shirts. And now here is something for your dog.

Here is your solution, the Night Walk Safety LED Harness. Walking your dog in the dark looks like this.

Walking your dog with the LED Harness looks like this.

Now you can clearly see the dog with their bright LED harness. Strangers in the park won’t be startled by your dog in the dark.

Love your dog as much as your dog loves you.

Photo by Susn Matthiessen

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